Welcome to the World of Crypto: ‘Jeff Gross’

Poker superstar signs as an ambassador to eSports NFT platform 2Crazy

2Crazy is proud to announce Jeff Gross, one of the most well-known poker players alive, as an ambassador of the eSports NFT platform.

Now that it is finally official, we’d like to welcome you, Jeff Gross, and introduce him to our community.

Jeff Gross is a professional poker player with over $3.3M in live tournament earnings and $2M online. In addition to his poker skills, Jeff works as a poker ambassador for partypoker, has his own podcast (over 140 episodes), has an 85,000+ following on twitch (JeffGrossPoker.tv) and has multiple social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch with hundreds of thousands of loyal followers.

Because 2Crazy deals in eSports games and poker are among the world’s favorite games, joining Jeff to 2Crazy lines is a winning step. 2Crazy brings the world’s first platform that gives you the opportunity to play with or against your favorite streamer/gamer and Jeff is the perfect link for aligning the stars.

In addition, with his fan base, followers and most importantly his strong relationships, Jeff will give more exposure to 2Crazy and the platform, and with the help of his extensive connections, we will be able to have access to more superstars from other fields of eSports as well.

Jeff will serve as an ambassador for 2Crazy, and with his experience and expertise, he will be in charge of bringing more awareness to our brand and spreading the word worldwide with his connections!

The expectation for this year is to see our platform in the air bringing together the best players in the world (superstars).

We expect that our innovative idea will also carry with it the rest of the world’s eSports players and create a new style of online gaming.

We look forward to a great year, and we’re full of excitement to see the players on our platform.

We at 2Crazy are visionaries; we see the future in the eSports industry. The task is not simple but will surely be rewarding. Our path is paved with steps and goals, and here, in collaboration with Jeff, we see a significant step forward in creating our revolutionary platform.

We know and appreciate Jeff, and we’re confident in his abilities to take 2Crazy to where it needs to be. At the top of the eSports platforms.

We are very excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to see the e-games in action.


Gone are the days when gaming was reserved for a lazy, casual afternoon competition amongst friends. Instead, enter the exciting world of eSports featuring worldwide tournaments, spectators in stadium seating cheering on figures sitting behind state-of-the-art monitors and lighting.

Gamers have achieved celebrity-like stardom with channels on platforms like Twitch that draw millions of viewers and a multitude of sponsors alike. But according to 2Crazy, this isn’t where the evolution of this multibillion-dollar industry ends. In fact, this is just the beginning.

With 2Crazy, when you buy an NFT, the possibilities are truly endless. Users of the 2Crazy platform can also look forward to unique extra perks like lotteries, giveaways, and NFT Drops for people who are staking $2CRAZY.

If you’re not familiar with NFTs, you can find everything you need in this explainer over here.

2Crazy is backed by Twin Apex Capital, ICO Pantera, Exchange.bitcoin.com, Dark Pool, MDA Capital, MXC, Magnus Capital, Stakely, X21, Megala Ventures, Blocksync, Clouds Capital, Skynet, Orion Protocol, Exnetwork Capital, & AU21.

For more on 2Crazy, check out these links:




We bring you the opportunity to play with or against your favorite players in gaming and eSports with our revolutionary 2Crazy NFT platform — see 2CrazyNFT.com.

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We bring you the opportunity to play with or against your favorite players in gaming and eSports with our revolutionary 2Crazy NFT platform — see 2CrazyNFT.com.

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