Tackling a New and Growing Market

3 min readJun 4, 2021

Gaming and eSports have evolved leaps and bounds to become events showcased in front of screaming fans and live-streamed to millions of viewers online. eSports tournaments have even found themselves broadcasted on mainstream cable sports channels like ESPN and the NFL Network. So how did video games become bigger than some live sporting events? Keep reading to find out.

How the Gaming Market Took Off

Several factors brought gaming and eSports their current level of worldwide exposure, which includes better gameplay technology and graphics. However, The main catalyst in this explosion came as a result of more people around the world having access to the internet. It’s estimated that over four billion people can get online, and of those, 92% can do so through their mobile phone or device.

Gaming and eSports fans now have more opportunities to stream their favorite tournaments or gamers virtually anywhere at any time. This instant accessibility has helped popular games like Fortnite amass 350 million players around the world, with approximately 78 million downloads in its breakout year. This shift from single-game consoles to worldwide tournaments is seismic, to say the least. However, at 2Crazy, we’re not just helping to make online gaming bigger, but also making it better.

The Crypto — Gaming Connection

As the gaming and eSports industry soared to space-like heights, so did another part of the tech world. Cryptocurrency and the demand for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) also experienced a meteoric rise over the same period. NFTs presented the online world with a way to store data on a blockchain, barring any form of replication and maintaining its exclusivity. This applied to things such as online photos, tweets, audios, and even videos of gaming experiences.

This exciting advancement led us to believe that we could combine the world of online gaming with decentralized cryptocurrency and NFTSs, to provide players with an enhanced and unique experience.

2Crazy’s Perfect Trifecta: Crypto, NFTs, and Gaming

Our 2Crazy gaming and eSports platform will accept both fiat and cryptocurrencies while providing players with the games they love. Players can count on state-of-the-art graphics and technology with smooth and seamless gameplay 24/7. Furthermore, our platform will feature NFT events, which allow players to bid on unique online gaming experiences that are preserved on their very own NFT token. With no replication of the experience possible, players can rest assured that they are the sole owner of this NFT and are free to trade or resell it within the platform itself.

We Bring the Action To You

The implementation of cryptocurrency and NFTs in gaming is a new and exciting chapter that we at 2Crazy are proud to help write. Visit our website today and explore the many incredible games and NFT experiences you can bid on; for a chance to have your very own piece of gaming history.

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