Esports NFT Platform, 2CrazyNFT, Announces Partnership With ALMGHTY

5 min readOct 13, 2021
A partnership facilitated by EMERGE Esports, a Singapore based talent management company that specialises in connecting brands and businesses with influential talent in eSports

Singapore, 13 October 2021 —Today, Esports Platform, 2CrazyNFT, partners with ALMGHTY, a gaming and lifestyle label under Gushcloud International, and EMERGE Esports, Singapore’s professional gaming and esports talent management company. With EMERGE Esports support in co-brokering this partnership, 2Crazy will sponsor ALMGHTY for their NFT platform’s expansion into Southeast Asia and Europe, and onboard top talent for an NFT collection when the 2CrazyNFT platform launches in October 2021.

With EMERGE Esports’ global network of award-winning esports teams, and ALMGHTY’s pool of highly influential talent in the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore, 2CrazyNFT aims to strengthen the bond between the esports and NFT space, which will essentially elevate both industries collectively. By combining their resources to achieve a common goal for esports industry growth, all three companies are expecting more companies to engage with the combined esports and NFT scene.

Above: ALMGHTY Team Photo

In response to the partnership, Billy Soo, Co-Founder of ALMGHTY said,

We’ve seen the creator economy evolve over the years — it’s not just about the gear or the quality of content, but how the creator interacts and engages with his/her community,”

He also adds, “With this partnership, we aim to bring our community closer to the ALMGHTY brand and create an ecosystem for our gamers to thrive in. We are excited to be able to present this opportunity to our global roster of gaming talents.”

Founded by the top gaming KOLs in Singapore, ALMGHTY is a gaming and lifestyle label with the promise to act responsibly as a leading content provider of positive mobile gaming content. As ALMGHTY recognises that the influence they create comes with responsibility, they have made it their mandate to pursue beyond the traditional esports routes, and create a multi-dimensional talent label capable of true influence in the gaming community. From esports athletes to content creators, ALMGHTY will be selecting 20 brand ambassadors within the organisation to support 2Crazy. With the support of its parent organisation Gushcloud International, this partnership is the next step forward into creating the future of gaming lifestyle.

This partnership with ALMGHTY and EMERGE Esports is a big milestone for 2CrazyNFT. As the NFT market is quite new, this will be one of the very first partnerships of such magnitude. Being associated with one of the biggest esports teams in Asia, combined with the variety of talented players that cover 50% of the mainstream esports industry, we are very excited to sponsor ALMGHTY and have them as a part of our ecosystem. Together with ALMGHTY and EMERGE Esports, we expect 2CrazyNFT to grow significantly within the community” commented Arthur Getzinger and Dylan Katz, Partners and Co-founders of 2CrazyNFT.

Above: Founders of 2CrazyNFT

Financially backed by MEXC Global, Orion Protocol, ICO Pantera, and more, 2CrazyNFT possesses the experience and understanding of the cryptocurrency market, with a special focus on NFTs. Through the 2CrazyNFT platform, participating users will enjoy a unique experience with exclusive perks. Among many incentives, the perks include allowing fans to meet local and/or offshore gaming influencers and talent, with all the expenses paid, along with signed merchandise from their favourite players.

For media enquiries, please contact:

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Dylan Katz
Co-Founder, 2CrazyNFT
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2CrazyNFT is a NFT platform with NFT exclusive collections that are categorized as Dynamic NFT’s. By following the success of talent, players and VIPs, 2Crazy has created a unique ecosystem that will maintain the interest of NFT collections way more than the conventional NFT’s in the Crypto space. For more information about 2Crazy, please visit

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As a gaming and lifestyle label under Gushcloud International, ALMGHTY operates regionally as a gaming talent agency managing the best in Asia. Founded in 2019 and rebranded at the start of 2021, ALMGHTY’s talent roster features exclusive esports teams from Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, FreeFire, and creators such as Sky Wee from Singapore and Yuka Kuroyanagi from Japan/Philippines. ALMGHTY’s aim is to incorporate lifestyle into gaming content and making it home to the best talents and its boundless fanbase. For more information about ALMGHTY, please visit

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About EMERGE Esports

Founded in 2020, EMERGE Esports is a Singapore-based professional gaming and esports talent management company. Committed to developing sustainable and promising career options for talented gamers, EMERGE Esports prides themselves on their expertise to connect brands and businesses with streamers and influencers in the esports community. With an established network of over 100 exclusive gaming influencers from award-winning esports teams such as Kingsmen, Bren Esports, LGD and EHOME, EMERGE Esports enables brands and businesses to expand their reach into the esports industry. To date, EMERGE Esports has partnered with nearly 50 brands and businesses, such as Twitter, TikTok, StashAway, London Fat Duck, GYMMBOXX and more. Beyond that, EMERGE Esports is also the recent award winner for PR Awards 2021, having won the Silver Award in the Best Use of Micro/Niche Influencers category. For more information about EMERGE Esports, please visit

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