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Entering the World of Manga

We are thrilled to announce a special collaboration with FOMOChronicles!

2CrazyNFT x FOMOChronicles

FOMO Chronicles will create an exclusive Animated Manga NFT around 2Crazy! Our cat — the 2Crazy logo — will play a prominent role in this story, and we can’t wait to show you how amazing it looks. Here’s an example (or sneak preview) of FOMOChronicle’s previous work:

Taking a giant leap towards mass adoption

We are thrilled to announce that 2Crazy has entered into a strategic partnership with Indacoin!

With this partnership, the platform becomes available for more than 3 billion Visa and Mastercard holders!

2Crazy x IndaCoin

No ‘crypto-experience’? No problem!

By enabling this fiat-to-crypto gateway, 2CrazyNFT takes a giant leap towards the mainstream audience and mass adoption. This directly makes the platform available to billions of extra people, who can buy $2CRZ tokens on the platform and engage (buy/sell/trade/win NFTs).

Teaming up for Revolutionary NFTs

We are thrilled to announce that 2Crazy has entered into a strategic partnership with Roseon Finance!


Roseon + 2CrazyNFT: NFTs, Staking and a Lot More

This partnership is much more than just two platforms offering each other their services. This collaboration is a deep commitment by the platforms to utilize their offerings to provide opportunities in the ever-expanding sphere.

First, Roseon Finance will be offering a dual rewards program for its users who wish to stake 2CrazyNFT tokens.

  • Stake $2CRZ to earn $ROSN and $2CRZ
    Total Reward: 2,833,333 $CRZ + 111,111 $ROSN
    Duration: 90 days
  • Stake $ROSN to earn $2CRZ
    Total Reward: 500,000 $CRZ
    Duration: 60 days

Along with this, there will be several other investment options, such as a 2CrazyNFT token trading competition! Roseon…

Partnership Announcement

We are excited to announce that 2Crazy has entered into a strategic partnership with Vodra!

Partnership Announcement

Strategic Partnership

We are delighted to announce that 2Crazy has entered into a strategic partnership with NFTPad!


NFTPad is a cross-chain IDO launchpad empowering NFT related projects. They allow creators to mint NFTs in minutes, auction them or raise liquidity. They offer next-gen tools and services to introduce digital art and NFTs to a mainstream audience.

The NFTPad Marketplace, featuring exclusive artist drops, offers collectors the opportunity to discover and invest in works by emerging and established creative talent.

We are genuinely looking forward to work together! …

Poker superstar signs as an ambassador to eSports NFT platform 2Crazy

2Crazy is proud to announce Jeff Gross, one of the most well-known poker players alive, as an ambassador of the eSports NFT platform.

Now that it is finally official, we’d like to welcome you, Jeff Gross, and introduce him to our community.

Jeff Gross is a professional poker player with over $3.3M in live tournament earnings and $2M online. In addition to his poker skills, Jeff works as a poker ambassador for partypoker, has his own podcast (over 140 episodes), has an 85,000+ following on twitch ( …

Official Sponsor of El Clásico Legends

A match with the best players of all time from Barcelona and Real Madrid

Ronaldinho , Roberto Carlos , Figo, Rivaldo… if you’re a true soccer fan, you’ll have some very warm feelings just by reading those names. Those players are among the best to have ever walked on the pitch. They’re incredibly special guys who represented a fantastic era of soccer.

July 20th, they will represent their old teams, playing in ‘El Clásico Legends’.

We’re thrilled to announce 2CrazyNFT as official sponsor of this event!

2Crazy x KuCoin

You can now stake assets on KuCoin to get a share of 2.5 million $2CRZ tokens!

2Crazy (2CRZ) will be available on the Pool-X platform of KuCoin starting July 6, and listed on KuCoin July 7!

The details are as follows:

The Subscription Period will last 12 hours, from 10 AM UTC to 10 PM UTC on the sixth of July. As soon as that period ends, the Staking Period will start. This will last from July 6th (10 PM UTC) to August 8th (4 PM UTC).

Staking assets: KCS/POL/ETH
Prize pool: 2,500,000 $2CRZ tokens
You will also receive $2CRZ rewards and…

안녕하세요 🇰🇷

2Crazy x Pantera

We are excited and proud to announce a partnership with Pantera ICO Group!

This is company that we believe will help to dramatically accelerate our growth. Pantera ICO Group will work with us on a strategic level, opening the door to an important crypto and gaming community in Korea, and throughout the rest of Asia as well.

Through this partnership, we will raise awareness of the exciting projects 2Crazy has in its pipeline, and the rewards that gamers can enjoy when utilizing our platform.

About Pantera ICO Group

With over 400 successfully launched projects to their credit, Pantera ICO Group’s marketing, strategic approach, and…

We’re excited to announce our third IDO partner!

ZeeDO will also be launching 2Crazy!

LaunchX x ZeroSwap


ZeeDO is ZeroSwap’s multi-chain IDO platform, supporting token sales on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Huobi’s Heco Chain. We use Chainlink VRF/Randomiser to organize sales in a 100% fair and transparent manner.

Steps To Participate in Token Sale on ZeeDO —

  1. Stake ZEE
  2. Apply for IDO, Claim POP (Proof of participation) Ticket
  3. POW (Proof of winning tickets) are Drawn
  4. POW ticket holders can buy $XYZ Token (Assured allocation, No Gas War, No FCFS)

Details of $2CRZ Sale on ZeeDO —

  • Total Sale — $100,000 USD
  • POP (Proof of Participation Tickets) — Total 20,000 10,000on ZEE/ETH Staking and 10,000 on ZEE/BSC Staking
  • Total Winning Tickets: 625, 312 on ZEE/ETH Staking…


We bring you the opportunity to play with or against your favorite players in gaming and eSports with our revolutionary 2Crazy NFT platform — see

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