2CrazyNFT x El Clasico Legends!

Official Sponsor of El Clásico Legends

2 min readJul 16, 2021

A match with the best players of all time from Barcelona and Real Madrid

Ronaldinho , Roberto Carlos , Figo, Rivaldo… if you’re a true soccer fan, you’ll have some very warm feelings just by reading those names. Those players are among the best to have ever walked on the pitch. They’re incredibly special guys who represented a fantastic era of soccer.

July 20th, they will represent their old teams, playing in ‘El Clásico Legends’.

We’re thrilled to announce 2CrazyNFT as official sponsor of this event!

The event will be held in Israel in front of 30-thousand people, and live-streamed all over the world! You can be sure that these heroes will all pull on their boots to give you a mouthwatering showdown.

Read more on the website of FC Barcelona!

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