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3 min readJul 22, 2022

For most of us, these aren’t the best of times with the entire market being incredibly bearish. However, at 2CrazyNFT, we never stop working and we’ll stay focused on the goals ahead of us. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new batch of partnerships!

Today, we’re announcing our new collaboration with SkillGaming!

SkillGaming will help us build the 2CrazyNFT Arcade.

This will include several new games, fully integrated with SkillGaming’s Play-to-Earn features from ‘Challenge mode’ (1vsCPU), ‘Duel Mode’ (PvsP) and ‘War Mode’ (a 24 hours mini tournament). This will result in the arcade being able to host up to thousands of players at a time per game. Gamers will be able to either play for free and collect bragging points called XP, or “Play, Win and Earn” $2CRZ tokens!

Gamers can also purchase Attack and Defence upgrades in the Armoury section which allows for the launching of small to large-scale in-game attacks on their opponents. This takes gaming rivalries to the next level and is not offered in any other gaming platform.

As 2CrazyNFT, we’ll be their first partner to participate in their new utility program, meaning we’ll get a discount on the whitelabel when holding a certain amount of $SXUT tokens.

“SkillGaming is the leading designer of hypercasual mini-games for communities around the world. We have partnered with global brands such as Kommunitas, FunToken, Shiba, Wallstreetbets, JEDSTAR, Zaddy Inu, Cake Monster and many more. Like us, 2CrazyNFT places the player at the centre whilst striking a powerful balance between the needs of all ecosystem participants. We hope this synergy will help them bring their community gaming vision to life” — Karen Yap, SkillGaming’s Head of Business Development.


SkillGaming is the world’s first online skills-based gaming community where users can actually get paid for winning. This play-to-earn gaming platform allows skilled gamers to play hyper-casual minigames without costs, but with an opportunity to earn money.

Users can play either single player (against the AI) or multiplayer against other players on the SkillGaming network. Currently they offer close to 100 games with new ones added weekly.

SkillGaming has partnered up with global brands such as Shiba, Wallstreetbets and now of course 2CrazyNFT!


2CrazyNFT allows fans to play with or against their favorite personalities with our revolutionary NFT platform!

NFTs are the craze nowadays, but most NFTs, in reality, give you nothing more than ‘digital bragging rights’. With 2CrazyNFT, when you buy an NFT, the possibilities are truly endless. Users of the 2CrazyNFT platform can also look forward to unique extra perks like lotteries, giveaways, and NFT Drops for people who are staking $2CRZ.

2CrazyNFT is backed by Twin Apex Capital, ICO Pantera, Exchange.bitcoin.com, Dark Pool, MDA Capital, MXC, Magnus Capital, Stakely, X21, Megala Ventures, Blocksync, Clouds Capital, Skynet, Orion Protocol, Exnetwork Capital, & AU21

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