2CrazyNFT — Our Vision

Our ideals, goals, and approach

3 min readOct 2, 2021

“Connecting fans and superstars all over the globe, changing the global perception of NFTs, and realizing countless dreams” — 2CrazyNFT

The NFT industry is developing day by day. At this particular time, most of the stuff out there isn’t really viable or makes much sense. They don’t give you much more than ‘digital bragging rights’, and in a way that’s fine… However, we believe the world of NFTs has the potential to become much more than that. That’s why we’ve started 2Crazy.

Market leadership is our ambition.

Let’s be straight-forward. Our goal is to dominate. We believe we have a great concept on our hands, and now it’s up to us to exploit this to the fullest. We have to fulfil the potential this has, and we’re going to do our utter best to ensure this happens.

That’s why as of now our main focus is strictly on building the best platform possible and getting it out there as soon as possible.

As we’ve mentioned in the introduction, a lot of the stuff out there is just more of the same. We see some initiatives starting to get rolled out that are a little more interesting, but 2Crazy is still very unique in the sense of what these NFTs actually give you.

To get a grasp of what we’re doing, check out this video.

We strive to exceed your expectations and be the best that we can be, maintaining the highest level of quality across the board.

Some of you have made us aware that you find it important to get to know who we are. That’s why we’ll introduce ourselves here and give an extra personal touch, to help building trust and understanding.

These are the ones making the magic happen!
We also have a fantastic advisory team behind us, and we’re incredibly thankful to have their support.

A letter from the 2Crazy founders:

“Every day, tens of thousands of NFTs are being created. Only the most hyped ones have a chance to survive on the secondary market, and the rest is doomed to go to zero eventually.

We’re going outside the box, away from the generic NFT markets, and into our own ecosystem.

With 2Crazy, we’re creating a super dynamic NFT collection with high-profile (e)Sports personalities, doing it in such a way the industry has never seen before.

For example, when a player that’s related to our platform wins a tournament, we’ll make sure to reflect that on our platform.

Achievements ‘on the court’ will have impact ‘off the court’

We believe 2CrazyNFT is going to play an enormous role in the world of eSports and NFTs. As long as we’re still managing to keep the secondary market interesting and interactive, we feel we’re definitely going to achieve our goals.”

— Arthur & Dylan (Co-founders of 2CrazyNFT)

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