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[Partnership Announcement]

2 min readMay 26, 2022

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Dexsport!

Our $2CRZ token will be fully integrated into the Dexsport platform, giving you the opportunity to place bets on sports events with $2CRZ!

Sports betting meets web3!

Dexsport aims to transform how we all think about sports betting by bringing this industry to web3. Fast transactions, instant payouts and complete transparency, but no intermediaries, registration and blocking of players.

As if this didn’t sound great enough already, now you’re able to bet on their platform with $2CRZ as well!


Dexsport is a decentralized betting web3 platform that lets users place bets on their favorite sports using cryptocurrencies.

With the enormous rise in popularity of sports betting, Dexsport has been designed in order to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry and solve the currently existing problems there by pivoting into the world of web3.

Users will play with a shared pool of liquidity and receive their winnings securely through the blockchain, all while staying anonymous.


2CrazyNFT allows fans to play with or against their favorite personalities with our revolutionary NFT platform!

NFTs are the craze nowadays, but most NFTs, in reality, give you nothing more than ‘digital bragging rights’. With 2CrazyNFT, when you buy an NFT, the possibilities are truly endless. Users of the 2CrazyNFT platform can also look forward to unique extra perks like lotteries, giveaways, and NFT Drops for people who are staking $2CRZ.

2CrazyNFT is backed by Twin Apex Capital, ICO Pantera, Exchange.bitcoin.com, Dark Pool, MDA Capital, MXC, Magnus Capital, Stakely, X21, Megala Ventures, Blocksync, Clouds Capital, Skynet, Orion Protocol, Exnetwork Capital, & AU21

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We bring you the opportunity to play with or against your favorite players in gaming and eSports with our revolutionary 2Crazy NFT platform — see 2CrazyNFT.com.