2Crazy x GTA Ventures

xin chào việt nam!

1 min readMay 10, 2021
2Crazy x GTA

Last weekend we announced our cooperation with GTA Ventures. They will be our official communication partner in the Vietnamese market

GTA Ventures is the premier crypto assets venture, project accelerator, and community builder in Vietnam. They have extensive experience in a large number of areas, such as investing, portfolio management, technical recruiting, communications, and marketing. Founded in 2018, GTA began with the website (goctienao.com), which now has 500k visitors a month, and several of their groups have tens of thousands of members (e.g. Facebook 30k).

GTA Ventures already has partnered with Solana, Huobi, Rarible, RSR, Pancakeswap, & more!

We sincerely look forward to establishing mutually beneficial relationships between GTA Ventures and 2Crazy!

We’ll have much, much more in store for you, very soon!

Stay tuned!

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